Compelling games with measurable benefits.

Fun and educational games engage kids, while detailed dashboards measure and report student’s usage, engagement and accomplishments. Parents and teachers can analyze this data and make instructional decisions based on what they find.

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Games for all learners.

Choose from a large array of categories ranging from math and science to arts and social skills development. Everyone from special needs children to advanced learners will find fun and challenging games for their learning goals.

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Choose from a constantly growing catalog of games

Customize your own gamified curriculum by choosing the right games for your learners. We offer dozens of puzzles and skill-building exercises available on both mobile and desktop formats.

Incentive-based learning means more engagement

Our games are fun, motivating and intrinsically rewarding to kids of all ages. By providing clear, measurable goals and fun incentives such as badges, leaderboards and reward play, we compel learners to return again and again.

Collaboration, Creativity, Curiosity, Challenge

KneoWorld is an immersive edutainment gaming experience that challenges students to learn new skills while capturing their attention and imagination.

  • An ever-growing catalog of games to choose from
  • Badges and achievements instill sense of accomplishment
  • Available on both mobile and desktop
  • COPPA Compliant: no in-game advertising or purchases
  • Our games are not just fun; they engage and energize kids to learn!

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What We Do

We are educators, parents, developers, and die-hard gamers with decades of experience in e-learning and kid’s media. We work with the industry’s top talent to evaluate the ever-evolving needs of learners and bring them the best in gamified educational content.

Fundraising and Beyond

PTA Fundraising Made Simple

KneoWorld’s PTA Fundraising program offers outstanding financial benefits to any school. It is hassle free, there is nothing to buy, nothing to sell and you can order any time! You will receive a complete promotional kit (digital and printed) to spread news about your fundraiser to your school community. Interested parents will register their kids to using the school ID code and 50% of every membership goes straight back to your school via monthly checks. How easy is that?
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Connect The Kids NYC

Connect the Kidss mission is to provide tablets with educational apps and games to the 200,000 special needs students of New York City public schools, starting with PS 811X in the Bronx. Game-based learning has been shown to be a valuable tool in helping autistic and other special needs kids connect to the wider world. With your support, we can help them make that connection - one student in one school at a time.
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Why We’re Different

KNW game app
Help kids build confidence in their abilities

Gamified learning offers a safe environment for kids to make – and learn from– their mistakes and to try again until they get it right. It’s a great way for introverted learners to build confidence and resilience but also appeals to students of all ages and abilities.

Spacsship Dash Game app
Deep learning encourages skill mastery

Almost anyone can simply memorize facts, but we take learning to the next level. By engaging kids at their level, we allow them to use their imagination and creativity to solve complex problems and become “little geniuses” in any field of study.

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Self-paced learning for better retention

Nobody likes being forced to learn at someone else’s pace, and kids are no exception. KNeoWord games allow learners go at the speed that suits their needs, ensuring that they process and remember what they learn without being overwhelmed by information.

The toy Man Award of Recognition
Turn play into learning

Did we mention our educational games are fun? We focus on Edutainment, where kids can unlock and explore epic, futuristic realms of learning they never thought possible. We strive to make our games as bright, brilliant and imaginative as the kids to play them!

The KNeo Team

James Kellett

Chief Executive Officer

James is also CEO of Australian public listed parent company KNeoMedia Limited. He has over 30 years’ experience in global corporate finance and business management and has held senior executive positions in the finance and communications industries, including ASX listed companies. James has been the driving force of in establishing KNeoWorld Inc in the American games based learning sector.

Franklin Lieberman

Executive Director

Mr. Lieberman brings over 45 years of experience, as a producer for Warner Bros., NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS. He and his team have developed several educational initiatives for KneoWorld’s game-based learning platform in the U.S. Frank sits on the board of Council for Unity, a public school anti-bullying program, and for 10 years has worked with the United Federation of Teachers and American Federation of Teachers on educational initiatives.

Di Kellett

Director of Marketing

Ms. Kellett joined KNeoMedia in 2012 as Marketing Director. Her career has spannedmany years working as a strategic marketing and sales professional in Australia. Shehas held senior positions with responsibilities encompassing marketing analysis, strategy, brand development and sales across a variety of industries and products. Dibrings a deep understanding of market dynamics, emerging trends and strategic development resulting in successful sales.

Kimi Liu

Director, Games and Design

As KNeoMedia’s Creative Director, Kimi Liu heads up product development for our gaming and entertainment content. Ms. Liu has a Master’s Degree in Fine and Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and brings deep experience in visual and game design having worked with top agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Young and Rubican and Digitas.

James Morrison

Creative Director

James studied architecture and color theory at Liceo Artistico in Italy and later received his BFA at parsons School of Design. His career began with MTV Networks in NYC, working his way from designer to art director in just 2 years. He is an accomplished game designer, CG professional and a professor at Sapporo Visual Arts in Japan. Currently James provides artist and content direction to KNeoWorld’s flagship story game and many of its educational mini-games.

Julie Briggs

Managing Editor

Julie Briggs is a seasoned Content Writer, Editor, and Blogger bringing the unique experience working in several countries and writing for global audiences. Ms. Briggs is savvy to the needs of organizations that specialize in training and education, having worked as the Marketing Coordinator for RW3 CultureWizard, a global business skills training firm.

Associate Professor Dr Wee Hoe Tan

Games-based Learning Consultant

Dr. Tan holds a PhD in games-based-learning from the University of Warwick, UK, and is Director of the Education Research Laboratory, Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI) Malaysia. He is also President of the Malaysian Games-based Learning Association. He is currently a member of theeditorial board of the International Journal of Game-based Learning. Dr Tan consults to KNeoWorld Inc on its games- based learning content and efficacy.

Professor Laurie O'Donnell

Learning and Curriculum Development Consultant

Professor O'Donnell has 30 years of experience as a teacher, school senior manager and national leader of educational technology developments in Scotland. He is a visiting professor of learning innovation and technology within the University of Abertay School of Arts, Media and Computer Games. Since 2009 he has been an independent adviser/consultant focusing on learning, technology and innovation. Professor O’Donnell consults to KNeoWorld Inc. on games-based-learning content and curriculum.

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KNeoWorld is a subsidiary of KNeoMedia, a publicly traded company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

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